When You Are in Yeonggwang : Enjoying Gulbi – Dried Fish Delicacies

I was lucky enough to learn how to make Korea’s famous salted fish. Unlike in Indonesia, those salty fish isn’t quite salty enough. Insted, the fishes were so flesh-y and have a slightly sweet taste. 

 Once an abundant commercial fish off China, Korea and Japan was Yellow Croaker Fish. This fish usually salted and dried, known as gulbi (굴비) in Korean. Yeonggwang‘s  gulbi is a prized delicacy, usually sold in a bunch and tied with yellow tie. People across the nation would travel far to Yeonggwang just to buy and enjoy Gulbi – although it is known as a pricey delicacy. Served as a grilled fish or as a spicy soup, they’re still a winner. When you come to Yeonggwang so many – I mean really, so many – restaurants specializing on serving Gulbi. 

Why Yeonggwang’s is the best? The reason Yeonggwang Gulbi became famous is because it tastes much better than those hailing from other regions. The right amount of wind and sun over the Yeonggwang region gives this fish the best taste and texture. Only natural salt stored for over a year is used to season Yeonggwang’s Gulbi and only the right amount is used in accordance with a traditional recipe. 

The head of the yellow croaker is quite big when compared to its body; its scales are big and round, its eyes are massive and its tail is short. The fish is rich in oils, even when dried, which makes the taste quite remarkable. In addition, it is said that the taste of the fish can vary in accordance with the weather.

I know that salted fish not only Korean delicacy. Even in Indonesia, people enjoy fried salted fish with hot and spicy Sambal dollops. unlike, Indonesia’s salted fish, gulbi carry milder salty taste so it also enjoyable when cooked with broth. Later I new, this softer and wetter gulbi is modern Koreans preference for an enjoyable gulbi. 

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